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    Welcome Home.

  • Welcome from College President Rev. Brian J. Shanley, O.P. ’80

    You don’t need to come to Rhode Island to see what sets PC apart — through Virtual Visit, we're bringing a bit of campus to you. We can’t wait for you to arrive in Providence this fall. In the meantime, we hope this experience provides insight into academic and student life, along with a chance to have conversations with faculty, staff, and students. You’ve earned the invitation. Welcome home.

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  • Take a Tour of PC

    There’s no better way to experience Providence College than a visit — or, in this case, a virtual visit. Experience a guided tour of our traditional New England campus — a park-like oasis in a thriving city — from the comfort of your home. Get a feel for living on campus by exploring our residence hall options.

  • The Academic Experience

    Since 1917, our commitment to academic excellence has been at the heart of the Providence College experience, and that tradition continues today. It defines our signature Development of Western Civilization Program. It strengthens our core curriculum. It fosters close collaboration between faculty and students, and inspires innovation and achievement.

    All classes at PC are taught by faculty, most classes have fewer than 20 students, and with a 12:1 student-faculty ratio, your professors won’t just know your name. They’ll know your aspirations and help you reach them.

    A liberal arts education at Providence College approaches humanity’s deepest questions from many angles — and shows you how the answers intersect. Will it be easy? No. Will it be worth it? Absolutely.


    Chat now with a faculty member in your area of interest. Simply click through any of the links below and follow the pop-up prompt.

    AcademicsSchool of Arts & Sciences

    A science is a way of discovering. An art is a way of creating. Together, the arts and sciences encompass, well, just about everything. Discovery and creation are the twin goals of each field of study within Providence College’s School of Arts & Sciences. There’s an art to what we think of as science, and a science to what we think of as art.

    From English to economics, physics to philosophy, music to mathematics, and everything in between, the arts and sciences are the beating heart of a liberal arts education. A Providence College education is grounded in these diverse disciplines. By studying them broadly, you’ll know your chosen field of study more deeply. By studying them deeply, you’ll gain the critical skills that scholars live by, employers seek, and the world is better for.

    AcademicsSchool of Business

    At Providence College School of Business, we’re shaping a different kind of business education. As the only U.S. college founded and administered by Dominican friars, we’re attuned to the need for meaning, connection, and purpose in both business and life. Today’s fractured society — and successful businesses of the future — requires people with the skills to find common ground, thoughtfully analyze options, and contribute ethically to solutions together. With a dynamic group of energized faculty, a rigorous curriculum, and a new facility, we’re building the business school of the future with that in mind. Students don’t just learn the foundations of business — they learn a versatile, collaborative, problem-solving approach that makes them indispensable to employers and personally fulfilled. We’re teaching the power of “we” rather than “me.”

    AcademicsSchool of Professional Studies

    Providence graduates in the fields of education, social work, and health policy and management are ready to hit the ground running, which is why PC’s School of Professional Studies has earned a reputation among employers for excellent career preparation. At PC, extensive internship and fieldwork opportunities are an integral part of our curriculum, providing our students with the hands-on experience necessary to excel in the workplace.

    Our students also have a commitment to service and leadership that sets them apart. Teachers serve communities by committing themselves to educating children. Social workers serve through a dedication to improving the lives of at-risk populations. Healthcare professionals serve by setting policy, improving financial management in the industry, and conducting research — all aimed at improving the health of the world’s citizens.

    Aside from incredible student outcomes, we’re focused on the across-the-board betterment of society. Through a student-centered curriculum that emphasizes ethical practice, intercultural understanding, and learning by doing, our students walk the walk by leading meaningful lives of service that elevate their professions and society.

  • Learning for Life

    Providence College provides a singular educational experience — one that’s curated by students and supported at every step of the way by advisers and faculty mentors. You’ll combine what you learn in the classroom with immersive research, scholarship, service, and internship opportunities. And when you graduate, you’ll be poised to succeed.

    Learning for LifeDevelopment of Western Civilization

    The Development of Western Civilization Program — aka Civ or DWC — is at the heart of a Providence College education. You’ll explore human history through many perspectives — from literature to philosophy to theology to art, and more — with dozens of professors who nurture interdisciplinary thinking and revel in collaborative teaching.

    DWC and PC’s core curriculum are intertwined. Though DWC is only one part of the larger core, it shares similar goals – namely, preparing you to connect what you learn at PC to life beyond PC.

    DWC will change the way you see the world by teaching you to find connections between seemingly unconnected ideas. Just as important, DWC will prepare you for a career and life because it teaches you to think. And that will prepare you to make history.

    Learning for LifeCenter for Career Education and Professional Development

    Self-insight. Exploration and contemplation. Professional skill development. Market readiness.

    These are the hallmarks of the Center for Career Education and Professional Development at Providence College. The center offers programs and services that help students identify their strengths, discover academic interests, and achieve their educational and career goals.

    As a result, our students have the ability to see all sides of complex problems. They are articulate, composed, mature, and well prepared for their chosen fields. And they are able to make the connections they need to succeed.

    A planned renovation to the center will enhance the programming and career preparation that give PC students a competitive advantage in the workplace and in some of the world’s most selective graduate programs.

    Learning for LifeEngaged Learning

    At Providence College, engaged learning is an active process in which students take ownership over their education. Our students are intellectually curious and motivated to learn. They ask critical questions, investigate their ideas and pursue solutions to intriguing problems. They reflect on what they’ve learned, and they understand that learning is an ongoing process — a way of living rather than a means to an end.

    Students have the opportunity to create a highly curated, highly impactful educational experience, supported at every turn by faculty and staff mentors. This could take the form of research or scholarship, a study abroad experience, or a service project that leaves a lasting mark on the local or global community. It could include the pursuit of a prestigious post-baccalaureate fellowship, such as a Fulbright or Goldwater. It could mean guided and intentional preparation for further study in medicine or law.

    Our professors are deeply engaged in research and scholarship — and students work side-by-side with experts in everything from market volatility to Catholic social teaching to design thinking. In the process, they gain hands-on experience, a deeper understanding of their academic discipline — and sometimes, a byline in an academic journal or a presentation at a professional conference. This gives our students the confidence, expertise, and resume-building credentials that set them apart in the workplace, on a scholarship or post-baccalaureate fellowship application, and in graduate school.

    A Global Education

    37% of graduates worked with a faculty member on a research project
    providence college is a top producing institution of fulbright students

    Student Research: Engineering


    Student Research: History


    Student Research: 3D Modeling and Biology

    3D Modeling and Biology

    Student Research: Theatre


    Student Research: Marketing


    Student Research: Applied Physics and Philosophy

    Physics and Philosophy

    Student Research: Philosophy and Film

    Philosophy and Film

    Student Research: Chemistry


    Student Research: Global Studies

    Global Studies
  • Student Life/Clubs & Organizations

    From A Cappella to WDOM (our beloved campus radio station) the 120+ clubs and organizations at PC keep our students active, engaged, and poised to lead. Hone your diplomatic skills in Student Congress, join a pre-professional society, or take advantage of one of our many service opportunities.

    At PC, our student groups fill the calendar with educational and social events and our community with a sense of school spirit and campus pride. Whatever your curiosity or passion, you'll have myriad opportunities to make new friends, explore new interests, and develop leadership skills.

    Urban Action

    Urban Action

    Pep Band

    Pep Band

    Board of Multicultural Student Affairs

    Board of Multicultural Student Affairs

    Board of Programmers

    Board of Programmers

    Campus Ministry

    Campus Ministry

    Friars Club

    Friars Club



    Sports Business Organization

    Sports Business Organization

    The Cowl

    The Cowl
  • A Diverse Community

    During a recent visit to Providence College, Dr. Bernice A. King, daughter of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., brought her father’s message of love, non-violence, and hope for a “beloved community.”

    That beloved community is something we strive toward every day at PC. Our pursuit of a diverse, equitable, and inclusive campus is rooted in our Catholic and Dominican identity. It is central to our mission and our founding values.

    Providence College opened its doors in the early 20th century to provide the opportunity for Catholic men — many of whom faced discrimination as the sons of European immigrants — to receive a university education. Those early PC graduates went on to become the doctors, lawyers, business leaders, and teachers who shaped Rhode Island and New England.

    Though the student body has changed dramatically, that commitment to opportunity remains unwavering. Through intentional dialogue and relationship-building across the College and within the greater community, we work to foster an environment where people of all backgrounds, cultures, identities, and perspectives can flourish.

  • Our Catholic & Dominican Identity

    At Providence College, our Catholic and Dominican identity influences our approach to life. It means we rigorously seek the truth — intellectually, spiritually, and emotionally — and live in a respectful, supportive community. And in our search for intellectual growth, we explore subjects through the complementary lenses of faith and reason.

    PC is the only college in the country administered by Dominican friars. Dominicans assert that faith and reason are compatible, complementary, and point to a single truth. In our search for the truth, we intentionally seek out many points of view. These differences enrich our intellectual debates. We recognize that when we share diverse — and, at times, divergent — perspectives, we often arrive at a greater truth than we would have found on our own.

    Some of the many ways you can engage with Campus Ministry:

    • Connections First-Year Retreat
    • FaithWorks
    • Peer Ministry
    • Post-Mass Bash
    • RCIA
    • Schola Cantorum
    • Liturgical Choir
    • Habitat for Humanity
    • NOLA (New Orleans immersion trip)
    • International Immersion (Jamaica and Guatemala)
    • Liturgical Ministries
    • Bilingual Mass
    • St. Dominic Ensemble
  • Friar Athletics

    Friar AthleticsWelcome to Friartown

    “It was as though every student I had ever seen on campus was there at the Dunkin’ Donuts Center,” said Austin Kulig ’19, recalling the night students stormed the court in celebration after the Friars men’s basketball team upset then-#3-ranked Villanova. Providence College students have many things to be proud of, but NCAA Division 1 athletics are among the most exciting. As a member of the BIG EAST and Hockey East conferences, Providence College’s teams compete (and win) against some of the nation’s top programs in 11 sports including basketball, ice hockey, and soccer.

    It’s rare for a school with just more than 4,000 undergraduates to have such an exciting athletics culture, but in this and so many other ways, Providence College is exceptional. As a Friar fan, you’ll have a seat near the action, but you’ll rarely sit in it — you’ll be too busy standing, cheering, and jumping in celebration as you witness Friar history and create memories you’ll carry with you for the rest of your life. The Friar family is a winning team, and we’re ready for you to join.

  • Recreational & Intramural Sports

    Whether you’re a three-season high school athlete or are just starting to exercise for the first time, there are fitness and recreational sports opportunities for you at Providence College. One-on-one personal training, group exercise classes, intramural sports, club travel teams, and special health and wellness events help students get and stay active, push their limits, blow off steam, and perform at their best as they take on the rigors of college life. Whatever level of intensity or competition you seek, you’ll find it as a Friar.

  • Concannon Fitness Center

    This state-of-the-art facility has 70 pieces of cardio equipment (including 20 treadmills) along with strength-training machines and free weights. Our cardio equipment is upgraded frequently and offers internet capability (yes, that means Netflix during your workout) along with built-in interactive courses and on-demand classes.

    PC offers about 35 group exercise classes each week at all times of day. Yoga, BodyPump, TRX, Pilates, indoor cycling/spin, and more are taught by welcoming, motivating instructors who will help you get the most out of each class.

    Personal training is available for individuals and small groups. Whether you’re looking to learn the ropes of exercise or trying to break through a plateau, certified trainers will help you reach your goals.

    Intramural Sports

    Providence College’s most coveted athletic prize isn’t a trophy or a medal — it’s a T-shirt.

    The Princeton Review named Providence College’s intramural program the best in the country, and it’s little wonder given that 2,181 students participated in any of 22 sports in the 2018-2019 academic year. Intramurals are for everyone, whether you’re more or less a pro or just picking up a sport for the first time. Camaraderie and friendly competition make intramurals a favorite pastime for the Friar family, and there’s nothing like walking around campus proudly wearing an intramural championship T-shirt.

    • 3v3 basketball
    • 5v5 basketball
    • Badminton
    • Dodgeball
    • Flag football
    • Ice hockey
    • Indoor soccer
    • Inner tube water polo
    • KanJam
    • Kickball
    • Lacrosse
    • Outdoor soccer
    • Spikeball
    • Softball
    • Table Tennis
    • Team handball
    • Tennis singles
    • Ultimate frisbee
    • Volleyball
    • Wallyball
    • Wiffleball

    Club Sports

    You don’t have to be an NCAA Division 1 athlete to wear a Providence College jersey and compete against teams from other schools. Club sports teams are non-varsity teams complete with staff coaches that practice using College facilities and compete against club and varsity teams from other schools. Providence College sponsors 25 club teams and accepts applications to create new teams every year. Many club teams welcome athletes of all experience levels or none.

    • Men’s basketball
    • Women’s basketball
    • Esports
    • Field hockey
    • Figure skating
    • Golf
    • Men’s ice hockey
    • Women’s ice hockey
    • Men’s lacrosse
    • Women’s lacrosse
    • Men’s rugby
    • Women’s rugby
    • Men’s soccer
    • Racquetball
    • Running club
    • Sailing
    • Scuba diving
    • Men’s soccer
    • Women’s soccer
    • Softball
    • Swimming
    • Tennis
    • Ultimate frisbee
    • Men’s volleyball
    • Women’s volleyball
    • Weight lifting
  • The City of Providence

    They say that the three most important things when choosing a home are location, location, location. When choosing a college to call home for four years, the same applies.

    The heart of Providence is a five-minute drive (or free bus ride with a student I.D.) from our gates, and it beats around the clock with an energy better experienced than explained. Providence, R.I., is the ideal college town precisely because it is so much more than a college town. In commerce and culture, history and hospitality, food and fashion — our city is rich with personality and local flavor. Whatever you’re looking for — be it the perfect night out or the perfect internship — Providence has you covered.

    About the food — there’s a reason Travel + Leisure named Providence the #1 food city in the United States. Since you can’t enjoy it during a visit this spring, we’d love to treat you to dinner when you’re back here in the fall. Head to the Office of Admission Instagram, follow us, and drop a comment on our most recent post about your favorite type of food. We’ll enter you into a raffle for a gift card to our community’s favorite restaurants, including LaSalle Bakery, Nick’s on Westminster, Providence Coal Fired Pizza, GPub, and more.

    Providence is conveniently situated 50 miles from Boston and a three-hour drive from New York City. Providence Amtrak station is minutes from campus, and T.F. Green Airport is a mere 11 miles down I-95. Easy to get to, Providence is a city you won’t want to leave.

  • Our Alumni Network

    Meet the Family

    One of the biggest advantages of joining the Providence College community is that you’ll have access to more than 58,000 Providence College alumni, lovingly referred to as the “Friar family.” And this family has got your back. Networking opportunities begin the moment that you step onto campus and last until long after you cross the stage and receive your diploma at The Dunk.

    Register for Virtual Welcome Receptions
    there are more than 58,000 providence college alumni worldwide
  • We’re here to help.

    Still have questions? Chat with one of our student volunteers, who are ready to give you an insider's view on everything from academics and engaged learning opportunities to campus activities and residence life. Send a message to the Office of Admission and we’d be happy to set up a a call.

    Email Office of Admission Chat with a current student
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    Ready to commit? Submit your enrollment deposit today. Scroll down to learn how four students have made Providence College their home.

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    Welcome to the Friar Family.
    Welcome Home.

  • Next Steps for the Class of 2024

    The search for the right college can be a long journey, and the choices aren’t always easy. You’ve earned each acceptance letter you’ve received. Your options are all good. So how do you choose the right one?

    A Providence College education opens the door to myriad opportunities. Graduates are sharp, creative, agile, and highly motivated — employers know this. But this is because of and not in spite of the fact that Providence College students learn that there’s more to life than a job. Life is about discovery and creation. It’s about love of God and neighbor. It’s about friendship. It’s about family. These are values the Friar family holds most dear.

    College, like life, is about more than racking up credits and landing a job. You’ll do that, too. But first and foremost, college is about becoming who you’re meant to be.

    Enroll by May 1, and embark on an education that will help you become your best self.

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    A Welcome from Our Students

    Welcome to PC, Class of 2024

    Advice from Orientation Leaders

    Ernest Frimpong ’22

    Ernest Frimpong

    Hope Tiboni ’22

    Hope Tiboni

    Liam O'Hara ’21

    Liam O'Hara

    Jordan Pagliuca ’21

    Jordan Pagliuca

    Brianna Waldmann ’22

    Brianna Waldmann

    Jolssen Rodriguez ’21

    Jolssen Rodriguez

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